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Israel Regardie Foundation


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Francis Israel Regardie
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To collect and secure information, works, archives, memorabilia and research of Regardie and Hyatt.
The Dr. Israel Regardie Foundation conserves the pioneering research media of Dr. Francis Israel Regardie & Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt. Dr. Regardie renewed and reformed the Golden Dawn system, leaving an invaluable legacy of self-development. Dr. Hyatt pioneered research in psycho-technology, sexual metaphysics, and self-improvement.

We collect and make available primarily memorabilia and research media in all forms from Dr. Regardie and Dr. Hyatt, and the researchers they cited & admired such as; Dr. C.G. Jung, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, S. Jason Black, Mme. Helena Blavatsky, Dr. Timothy Leary, Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, and other notable influences. The Dr. Israel Regardie Foundation is a non-profit organization administered by Michael Miller, director of USESS and Joshua Seraphim, CEO of Leilah Publications.

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